Hypogonadism is a medical condition that may affect both males and females. Although the symptoms may differ a bit whether you are a man or a woman, hypogonadism means a deficiency in sexual hormones, or more precisely – in testosterone (T) and estradiol (E2). In other words, there is a lack of testosterone or estradiol in a person’s body (because of aging, emotional or phychophysiological issue).

Since this medical condition can cause some serious health issues, for example, it can cause the infertility of both men and women, it should be treated appropriately. Besides, these sex hormones play the important role in people’s lives and the low levels of them should not be taken for granted. Instead, when a person notices symptoms that may be caused by hypogonadism, he or she should make an appointment at doctor’s office and do the relevant analyzes.

Physicians usually prescribe testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to men that suffer from the low level of testosterone. So what exactly is a TRT and what are the ways to receive it?

Testosterone replacement therapy refers to the treatment of low hormonal levels by either controlling its production or replacing it. The therapy can be received by using testosterone boosting supplements, prescribed drugs and by changing your lifestyle habits.

Testosterone-Boosting Supplements

As we have already stated, T is crucial for a person’s wellbeing. It directly affects one’s energy, sex drive, cognition and daily performance.

If you suffer from hypogonadism, you can boost your low T level by supplementing your diet using a dietary product that enhances the hormone’s natural production in your glands. If you suffer from this condition because of your age, there is a wide range of products with a formula designed especially for you. For instance, Testogen focuses on enhancing T of the elder men. Follow this link to know more about top rated pills that boosts testosterone levels, .

Prescribed Drugs

When considering about whether you should start TRT using the prescribed drugs, it is strongly recommended to talk to either your medical doctor or a pharmacologist. Do not use them on your own.

Drugs that treat low testosterone level come in different forms. Even though there is a fast way to increase your T by injecting it directly into your blood flow, if you do not like needles, you may want to skip these injections. Patches and gels that contain this hormone are a painless way to treat your condition. These drugs should be applied directly on your skin. One of the usually prescribed drugs is AndroGel. Besides the mentioned treatment solutions, you can also choose to treat the hormonal imbalance by undergoing a surgery on which testosterone pellets would be implanted under your skin.

A Change in Habits

Without any doubt, a change in your daily habits is a safe way to improve your hormonal levels and your overall health as well. Take a walk more often because any kind of physical activity will boost your T production.

Also, make sure you eat lots of herbs and choose carefully what you put in your mouth. Otherwise, your health will suffer.

The benefits of HVAC classes and seminars are a plenty. They mostly concern your learning and training, but they also help you in numerous other ways.
This is an opportunity for you to further develop your communication skills and also to perhaps make future opportunities happen.

People who are in this line of work, HVAC technicians often times have good connections with other people seeking employees. Also, they are probably well familiar with the job opportunities and work force demand.

If you build good, solid relationships with your HVAC technicians during your training, you will have an opportunity to not only get recommendations, but also various very helpful advices and instructions about your career.

Being recommended by a good HVAC technician can kick start your career in a way not possible by other means?

What to focus on for a successful career start?

Building a successful HVAC technician career begins even during your training. You must show genuine effort and understanding for the subject, and show to your teachers that you are a responsible individual. You must show respect for business ethics and you must have good communication skills.

This is key to gaining good relations with your technicians, who are after all, elders in this field and probably know much more about the business, career building and such than any other professional could.

Also, some of the best HVAC schools in USA can also provide official instructing on how to kick start and manage your future career. This is probably not covered by a basic program, but it is a highly useful course if you find the time.

There you will learn much about how to seek for opportunities, how to present yourself, and what things people employing HVAC technicians first look for.

You will also learn about the work ethics and the responsibilities of such a career, as well as the rewards.

It is highly desirable and advised by many that, if a person is able, it should carefully listen to all the advice HVAC technicians give you about your career, during your learning period. These kinds of information are very valuable, and are not accessible by any other means. In fact, they are probably already calculated in the price of these courses, without you even realizing.

If you have an opportunity to talk about those things with a real expert, that has a long career behind him, listen and absorb everything said. It may make your career a lot better in the long run.

Registered nurses who have completed an Assosiate’s Degree in nursing can advance their career and specialize in neonatal nursing. On the surface, becoming a neonatal nurse seems like a very rewarding profession with decent earnings which is more than an rn, where nurses can utilize both their communication and administrative skills together with their nursing skills. In order to specialize in neonatal nursing, you would need a bachelor’s degree and additional certification. In addition, there are a few other aspects of working in neonatal nursing that you should be aware of before deciding to take your career in that direction.

1.    Further Certification

You need at least 2000 hours of experience in neonatal nursing, together with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. You can get registered as a neonatal nurse and receive certification from the National Certification Corporation. However, in addition to that, you can sit the licensure national exam and get a license as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. You will need to attend two more years of schooling and obtain deep knowledge of embryology, neonatal physiology, pathology, and pharmacology, because of the delicacy of infant care, you will need to undergo additional training at neonatal departments in hospitals or private clinics.

2.    Tough work environment

A neonatal nurse will take care of more than one baby at a time. You should also be prepared to do administrative tasks, as well as undertake careful monitoring of all babies under your care and prepare a report for the neonatal nurses that will come in the next shift after your own. You need higher communication skills than normal to achieve this, and must be able to work within a team. You also need to know how to educate parents and family members on the baby’s condition – especially if it is serious, you will need to do this in a polite and calm manner as to ensure they do not panic.

3.    Most rewarding nursing career

While you might need to work in a fast paced and tough environment, you will also be having one of the most rewarding careers. Of course, most careers in medicine are rewarding – there is nothing more rewarding than helping people when they need help the most, but here you are helping infants and newborns who have been born with such difficulties that it’s a miracle they are alive. And as a neonatal nurse, you would be helping these infants survive not only to toddlerhood, but adulthood as well.

4.    Psychologically demanding

On the other side of the coin is the fact that you need to be psychologically strong to take on the responsibility. There is also a chance you will witness infant death, and added to that, you will need to know how to deliver the news to family members, and how to console them. It requires a lot of patience, and all of that is added to the fact that there will be occasions where you will need to think on your feet and make quick decisions which will save an infant’s life.

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Boundless Corporation

is a leading supplier of lithium-ion battery packs for OEM manufacturers and many other electric applications.  We offer integrated energy storage solutions that let our customers take advantage of lithium-ion battery technology…today.  Pound for pound, liter for liter, Li-ion battery chemistry offers more on-board energy than is available with any other commercially available battery chemistry today.

Boundless’ two main product lines (packs and stand-alones) have been designed for ease of integration using modular architectures to speed your time to market.  Boundless’ stand-alone battery product line offers a drop-in Li-ion replacement for lead-acid battery applications.  For larger OEM systems, Boundless has developed a modular pack design to meet a wide range of power needs.  We let you leverage over 100 years of experience with battery storage systems for EVs, NEVs, robotics, instrumentation, satellites and industrial products.  Our expertise allows you to take advantage of the new cell advancements yet still focus on your end of the system.

oundless Corporation is a Finalist for an Innovation Award in the Sustainability Field at Boulder County Business Report ’s Upcoming IQ Awards

 The Company Was Recognized for Its Intelligent Feedback Control System for Lithium-ion Battery Sub-Systems

Boulder, Colo. (August 2, 2008) – The Boulder County Business Report (BCBR) announced the 30 finalists for its annual Innovation Quotient (IQ) Awards and Boundless Corporation was selected as a finalist for its innovation in the Sustainable Category for providing the industry’s most advanced and adaptive Feedback Control System for Lithium-ion battery technologies. The company’s technology provides intelligent battery management for today’s advanced Lithium-ion cell technologies which are key to unlocking the clean efficient use of electricity as the world works to curb our dependence on fossil fuels and minimize the effects fossil fuel burning vehicles are having on global warming and the earth’s atmosphere.

The 10 most-innovative companies will be announced live at BCBR’s ninth annual IQ Awards for innovation on Thursday, August 14, 2008.

“It is a pleasure to accept the nomination for this prestigious award. Innovation, market demand and execution are key ingredients to success in any field. The global awareness surrounding our [human] impact on the planet as well as the ever increasing price of oil are creating that ‘perfect storm’ for Boundless. We are honored to be considered in the esteemed company of the rest of the Sustainability recipients.” said Phil Lyman, CEO and President of Boundless Corporation. “We are all in a position to make a huge difference in so much of what is going on as a response to the pressures the US and the world are feeling. It is now up to all of us to execute. We can make a difference and the Colorado Front Range seems to be a hotbed for thought leaders in each of the categories nominated for these awards.”

This year, BCBR received nearly 60 nominations from companies in the Boulder Valley and selected three finalists in each of 10 business categories. More information on the Boulder County Business Report’s IQ awards, its categories, the nominated companies, go to www.IQawards.com.

 “Innovation in the Boulder Valley is stronger and more exciting than it’s ever been,” said Christopher Wood, publisher of the Boulder County Business Report. “We are extremely pleased to once again honor the most-innovative products and services in Boulder and Broomfield counties. Our judges spent many hours reviewing all the nominations, and we feel that they’ve come up with an incredible list of finalists.”

About Boundless Corporation

Boundless Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) energy storage subsystems for use in the automotive, aerospace, medical, military, and industrial machine markets. Boundless specializes in intelligent Li-ion batteries which are the key enabling factor for a wide range of e-motive applications. Alternative energy storage subsystems are essential as the price of oil increases, coupled with the threats of global warming and the increasing political instability in oil rich countries. Boundless is Li-ion cell agnostic and battery chemistry independent allowing Boundless to utilize various Li-ion technologies to meet a wider range of OEM customers’ needs. Boundless’ unique intelligent battery management systems ensure safe, reliable, long-term use of Li-ion cells. Boundless’ corporate headquarters is located in Boulder, Colorado. For more information, please visit Boundless’ website at www.boundlesscorp.com

Lithium-ion – Dominating the Rechargeable Battery Industry

Since the chemistry’s initial commercial introduction in the 1990’s, Lithium-ion battery technologies have gained rapid acceptance as the rechargable (secondary) battery chemistry of choice for a wide range of consumer applications.  The popularity of mobile power in cell phones, laptop computers, PDA’s, power tools and numerous of “cordless” applications have driven the volumes for high energy and high power secondary batteries to incredible volumes.  At volumes of >200M cells per month, any application that can leverage any of the standard Li-ion cell form-factors will benefit from these volumes.  The benefits extend beyond the initial cost/volume curves and also include the statictical process controls and huge R&D budgets available to the cell manufacturers.

When compared to Lead-Acid and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Li-ion provides a lot of bag for the buck!  Lead-Acid is known for its price point, its simplicity and rock solid reliability.  Its downsides are fairly well known – damage occurs if left at a low state of charge for very long and it’s realizable capacity decreases dramatically at higher discharge rates (known as Peukert’s Law).  NiMH’s downsides have been weight and cost.  The lithium chemistries have entered the market with leading technical leading energy and power specifications and have dominated the laptop, cell phone, PDA markets.  New segments utilizing the Li-ion chemistries are power tools, e-motive and industrial power.    Click here to take a closer look at some of the Marketplace Trends.

Lithium-ion Chemistries
Today’s Lithium-ion Chemistries
Today, Lithium-Ion cells based on the Cobalt Oxide chemistry are by far the most prevanent.  Their “high energy” storage capability have made them the standard for laptops, cell phones and PDA’s.  Several new chemistries have  begun to make some impact in the marketplace which are based on Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate cathodes.

Click here to take a closer look at the differences between the various Li-ion Chemistries.

Lithium-ion Safety
Why Safety?  What’s Dangerous?
Contrary to the hype in the press, Lithium-ion batteries are safe and when used appropriately, provide best in class performance in the rechargable segment.  The Sony Li-ion Recall was widely publicized in 2006 and almost no coverage nor explanaition was ever given to the root cause.  Click here to learn a little more about the 2006 Sony Li-ion Recall.

Unlike Lead-Acid technology, Lithium-ion chemistries require a little more “care and feeding” to effectively utilize their capabilities.  That is the job of your Battery Mangement System (BMS).  Boundless’ state-of-the-art BMS is as advanced as anything on the market today.  Extending a module or packs life as well as protecting the cells and the user from any safety issues is a bit more complex than it seems on the outside.  Click here to explore Boundless’ Battery Mangement System.

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