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Registered nurses who have completed an Assosiate’s Degree in nursing can advance their career and specialize in neonatal nursing. On the surface, becoming a neonatal nurse seems like a very rewarding profession with decent earnings which is more than an rn, where nurses can utilize both their communication and administrative skills together with their nursing skills. […]

Breaking News – Boundless is Nominated for Innovation Award.  Click to see the Full Story. Boundless Corporation is a leading supplier of lithium-ion battery packs for OEM manufacturers and many other electric applications.  We offer integrated energy storage solutions that let our customers take advantage of lithium-ion battery technology…today.  Pound for pound, liter for liter, Li-ion battery […]

oundless Corporation is a Finalist for an Innovation Award in the Sustainability Field at Boulder County Business Report ’s Upcoming IQ Awards  The Company Was Recognized for Its Intelligent Feedback Control System for Lithium-ion Battery Sub-Systems Boulder, Colo. (August 2, 2008) – The Boulder County Business Report (BCBR) announced the 30 finalists for its annual […]

Lithium-ion – Dominating the Rechargeable Battery Industry Since the chemistry’s initial commercial introduction in the 1990’s, Lithium-ion battery technologies have gained rapid acceptance as the rechargable (secondary) battery chemistry of choice for a wide range of consumer applications.  The popularity of mobile power in cell phones, laptop computers, PDA’s, power tools and numerous of “cordless” […]

Boundless Corporation specializes in providing energy storage solutions to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving world.  The world of battery power is now in high gear and Boundless is here to help you keep pace. 36 volt 20 Ah Stand-Alone Battery for Electric Bicycle (10S-10P configuration) Specialized Stand-Alone Li-ion Batteries  Turn-key Stand-alone Li-ion power solutions […]