All post written in March 2016

Boundless has integrates our modular BMS technology on top of modules or conglomerations of Li-ion cells.  Boundless is able to customize these physical modules to meet almost any physical customer need.  This approach is useful in cutting the development lead-times and engineering costs associated with custom pack designs.  Our Pack designs utilize a 24 volt 50 amp hour Common Module […]

Boundless Corporation specializes in providing energy storage solutions to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving world.  The world of battery power is now in high gear and Boundless is here to help you keep pace.  Click here to learn more about Boundless’ Technology. Boundless specializes in the following areas of energy storage – Boundless’ Li-ion […]

Boundless Corporation is a privately-held Boulder, Colorado-based company.  Formed in 1995, Boundless transferred and developed initial structural energy storage technologies from Ball Aerospace.  In subsequent years, Boundless has focused on new battery materials and physical configurations before really focusing on addressing the complete energy storage sub-system.  Numerous government and defense contracts have given us a chance […]

Key Advantages to Boundless’ Technology Boundless’ Value Add – Boundless has focused on bridging the gap between the battery cell manufacturers and integrators of power sub-systems.  We bring our expertise to the table without requiring our customers to become “battery experts” and filling an obvious gap which exists between cell manufacturers and their users. Being Cell Independent – Boundless […]