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Boundless Corporation

is a leading supplier of lithium-ion battery packs for OEM manufacturers and many other electric applications.  We offer integrated energy storage solutions that let our customers take advantage of lithium-ion battery technology…today.  Pound for pound, liter for liter, Li-ion battery chemistry offers more on-board energy than is available with any other commercially available battery chemistry today.

Boundless’ two main product lines (packs and stand-alones) have been designed for ease of integration using modular architectures to speed your time to market.  Boundless’ stand-alone battery product line offers a drop-in Li-ion replacement for lead-acid battery applications.  For larger OEM systems, Boundless has developed a modular pack design to meet a wide range of power needs.  We let you leverage over 100 years of experience with battery storage systems for EVs, NEVs, robotics, instrumentation, satellites and industrial products.  Our expertise allows you to take advantage of the new cell advancements yet still focus on your end of the system.

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