Boundless has integrates our modular BMS technology on top of modules or conglomerations of Li-ion cells.  Boundless is able to customize these physical modules to meet almost any physical customer need.  This approach is useful in cutting the development lead-times and engineering costs associated with custom pack designs.  Our Pack designs utilize a 24 volt 50 amp hour Common Module as a building block. The 24v 50Ah Common Modules are built in relatively high volumes and stocked by Boundless for quick integration.  Other “common” block sizes are being investigated.  Inquire if your application has a special need.  Custom packs and modules can be built for OEMs.

Common Modules – 24 volt >50Ah

In addition to the modular nature of our Common Modules, our Battery Management System (BMS) is also built up of modules which break the BMS functionality into manageable function groups.  Each of our designs has a centralized controller responsible for the highest level of management – for the whole Pack or Stand-alone battery.  From there, the two designs distribute the remaining monitoring and functionality into a layer just above the cells.  By intelligently distributing the control and functionality in this manner, Boundless achieves an ability to keep cell blocks and modules balanced under even the most rigorous usages.  All states of charge and discharge are covered by this modular approach.

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