Boundless Corporation specializes in providing energy storage solutions to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving world.  The world of battery power is now in high gear and Boundless is here to help you keep pace.

36 volt 20 Ah Stand-Alone Battery for Electric Bicycle (10S-10P configuration)
Specialized Stand-Alone Li-ion Batteries 

  • Turn-key Stand-alone Li-ion power solutions
  • Steady State voltages From 12 to 96 volts
  • Capacities from 10 to 100 Amp hours
  • Custom physical integration (geometries) to fit your compartment as well as a standard G31 battery size
  • Integrated Battery Management – safe, reliable use of high-energy Li-ion cells.  Integrated green light/red light monitoring with system on/off and fuel gauge.
  • Coming Soon – block diagram.
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