Key Advantages to Boundless’ Technology

Boundless’ Value Add – Boundless has focused on bridging the gap between the battery cell manufacturers and integrators of power sub-systems.  We bring our expertise to the table without requiring our customers to become “battery experts” and filling an obvious gap which exists between cell manufacturers and their users.

Being Cell Independent
Boundless has designed its products to work with any Li-ion cell chemistry or physical cell geometry.  This gives our customers the ability to let their application drive the cell vendor, cell chemistry as well as capacity and physical geometry.  Most Li-ion battery suppliers can not make this claim as almost all of them are in one way or another connected to a specific format or chemistry and they only make products using their cells.

Take advantage of the latest Li-ion chemistries:
– Standard high capacity Li-ion Cobalt oxide cells – Widespread availability, competitive
pricing, numerous of vendors (Chinese, Japanese and US based)
– New high power Iron Phosphate cells and Nano structures from numerous vendors
(i.e. – A123, Altairnano, Valence and others)

Cell geometries and form-factor:  Boundless can facilitate larger pack or assembly designs with 18650,  26650 cells or other large format Li-ion cells.  Learn more about Being Cell Indepentent.

Layered Battery Management – Boundless’ intellectual property and value add in the Li-ion game resides in our integrated Battery Management System (BMS).  Our unique designs utilize the same BMS building blocks to ensure safe, long-term reliable use of Li-ion cells in the delivery of power for a wide range of applications.  Each application provides its own set of challenges and our BMS has proven to be very adaptable and robust giving us the ability to meet almost any need with one of our two BMS architectures.  Click here to learn more about the BMS system of the future…and it’s here today!

Modular Design –
Boundless has focused our efforts on integrating our BMS technology on top of modules or conglomerations of Li-ion cells.  Which Boundless can customize these physical modules to meet almost any physical customer need, we have developed several standard modules which can be used to avoid the lead-time and engineering costs associated with custom pack designs.  Our Pack designs typically utilize a 24 volt 50 amp hour Common Module as a building block. The 24v 50Ah Common Modules are built in relatively high volumes and stocked by Boundless.  Other “common” block sizes are being investigated.  Inquire if your application has a special need.  Custom packs and modules can be built for OEMs.  Learn more about the Modular Design and how it cuts time to market.

Lithium-Ion safety –
No Li-ion battery integrator would be complete without a section on Li-ion battery safety.  Although the press seemed to have a field day with a very limited number of Li-ion battery failures and recalls, Li-ion technology is being used everyday throughout our lives.  With ~140 Million Li-ion cells being manufactured each month for use in laptops, power tools and other electronic applications, the technology is proving to be very safe.  Although the Sony recalls in 2006 were widely publicized, the final failure analysis and actual exposure were not covered as wisely.  Click here to learn more about Sony’s 2006 Li-ion recall.

While it should be noted that using Li-ion cells requires a little caution and a good BMS, it should be noted that nearly all cell phones utilize Li-ion chemistry.  Click here to discover an number of Li-ion Facts or here to better understand Boundless’ Li-ion Safety Philosophy.

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